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Stretching Muscles

Stretching Muscles is a excellent way to supple and loosen tight muscles but there is rules that have to be followed to avoid injury.

1. Make sure your horse is comfortable lifting each leg and letting you hold it for at least 30 seconds or more.

2. Make sure your horse is WARMED UP! Either hand walk your horse or ride under saddle for about 10-15 minutes BEFORE you ask your horse to strain and stretch his/her legs.

*So important to make sure you don't rip or tear muscles your trying to stretch.

3. Make sure your horse doesn't already have a injury.

4. DON'T push your horse past the point were he/she resist to go further. This can also end bad.

5. Always listen to your horse and what they are telling you ex. Ears pinned back, resisting the stretch, moving away from you. then stop the stretch and move on.

6. Next time I come out to work on your horse ask me to show you some stretches to do on your particular horse.

Stretching is great for your horse and you as a rider just keep in mind they can't tell you when to stop!

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