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Biofeedback Electro Stimulation Technology. Biofeedback can be defined as the body’s (“bio”) response (“feedback”) to electrical stimulation, and the device’s ability to recognize and communicate with the body.

This interactivity makes the Matrix Best-Vet III a unique microcurrent device. Microcurrent is very low electrical stimulation used for many physical issues. In horses is it popular for treating sore muscles, tendon and ligament injuries, and hoof conditions. Microcurrent speeds up healing while relieving soreness and stress, decreasing scar tissue, and regenerating nerves.

When to use:

Saddle Fit:
Poor saddle fit causes pain and even lameness when not addressed. Using the Avazzia Best-Vet device lets you comb over the area and find the problem spots, then treat tissue issues. If saddle damage has already occurred, the Best-Vet is a tool to assist in repairing the damage. Use the Best-Vet as a preventative measure to help choose a saddle and for maintenance by checking for changes in saddle fit. 

Sore Horses:
Working performance horses get sore in their necks, hips, backs, hocks, feet, and legs. In other words, just about anywhere can get sore and it can be extremely frustrating finding the exact location of discomfort. The Best- Vet therapy device enables you to locate sore areas in just a few minutes by going over your horse with it.

Use the Matrix BV III  to go over the suspected lameness areas, then continue looking throughout the horses’s body for compensating injuries or the root cause of the injury. This information can be a starting point for further tests or additional confirmation when working with your veterinarian.

The great part about using the Matrix Best-Vet III is that while locating the issue you have also started the process to recovery. The device automatically gathers information and redirects correct signaling. The body takes this information and uses it as a kick-start to begin the repair process in healing animal injuries.

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