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Red Light....Im SOLD!

I have to say I am very impressed with this red light I have been using for 2 months now. I have seen some amazing things happen. I used it on a horse in Shingle Springs. I put the light on his lower back close to his SI and he stretched down with his head inbetween his front legs with his hind end staight in the air. I wish I had my camera handy!

In Loomis I had a Tevis horse go from very conserned about me even putting a hand on her to using the light again on her lower back and she sretched up like a cat head to chest and back arched as far as she could go licking lips and chewing.

I have had some horses with serious injuries heal fast with the use of the red light and the blue light.

I had a Hanoverian Mare that bumped her leg in the pasture which left a large swelling (for about 3 days) on the outside of her cannon bone. We used the light for about 20 min. the mass reduced significantly within hours.

When I work on any breed but more drematic with TB I can immediatley see the veins pop by just setting the light on the skin! (Brego a TB who was in retirement has returned to work and some small jumps).

I can say I honestly believe in this making a huge different in the way I massage and work on horses!

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