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about equine massage sport therapy...

Equine sports massage is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques applied to the horse. A thorough understanding of anatomy and the interaction of bones, joints and muscles are the basis of the proven physical and mental therapy that is the art of equine sports massage therapy. 



90% of elasticity comes from the muscular system.  If one muscle group tightens, the next group of muscles compensates and a lack of elasticity, or tenseness is created.


A study conducted by J.A. Wilson. After massage, the stride length at the walk increased by 3.6% (4.8 inches); the stride length at the trot increased by 1.2% (1.7 inches) after massage. 


Massage therapy has been shown to significantly reduce heart rate, with an average reduction in HR of 4.3% during the session and of 2.6% after the session. These results support the practical use of massage therapy to create a more relaxed, calm state in the horse.


Massaged muscles recovered an estimated 60% of the strength after the 4-day trial, compared with restoration of approximately 14% of strength in muscle that were exercised and then simply rested.  

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