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case studies...

Belle and Sami are a unstoppable pair. Sami and Ali were excepted onto the young rider team for 2015! A huge congratulations to all the hard work this team has done.


Ali is a eventer and is worked and conditioned 6 days a week. She does hill work, trot sets, dressage work and jumps.


Ali is massaged every 3-4 weeks depending on her demands. I make sure her back, hind end and hamstrings are supple and loosened so her training and work is easier for her.

Zo and Leslie are clients of mine. Zo is ridden 6 days a week and competes in the 1.0m and up. Zo was imported and a phenomenal mover with amazing power from behind.


I work on Zo once a month as a maintenance. I make sure he is soft and supple through his body to compete and train at the top level! Reducing the risk of injury.


Zo and Leslie compete in rated shows and do very well. they are a great pair and work well together

Belle and Jennifer are Eventers. They are new partners and trying to figure each other out. More importantly building a bond and trust with each other. 


Jennifer and I spent several months using massage as a touch therapy for Belle as she was uncomfortable with people touching her all over. We took our time giving her breaks as needed and made sure every time was a positive experience. 


Belle is a amazing horse with great talent and is able to get a full body deep tissue massage over her entire body. We focus on her back and hind end as she has some physical changes going on. So its very important we keep compensation to a minimum to keep her enjoying her job.

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