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Positive reinforcement training

Has anyone heard of clicker training for Dogs? Well let me tell you a secret it works on horses too! Since I have been a bit exhausted and discouraged to ride lately I decided to pick up this positive reanforcement training (On target training) with Bo. I have to say im imressed that all the base work I did years ago she remembered like it was yesterday.

I met with Shauna Karrasch when I worked on her horse Bugs. I was telling her I was getting frustrated with Bo at shows having separation anxiety and loosing her mind. She told me about this technique. I was willing to try anything at this point. She kindly offered to come over meet Bo and help me. I was very impressed. She sent me her book (picture above) and we worked through the starting point for about 3 weeks then I got busy with Life and was sent on the backburner.

Well I put Bo in the arena with my food bucket and clicker and asked her to do a few simple things. Right away she knew exactly what I was up too and had her full attention. I started with Join up lunging her. I have never done Join up with her so I was very suprised she didnt just go on her way and continue to run around the arena. :)

The next activity I did was free jumping without a halter or guard rails up. I have to say I was very impressed as she was very willing to follow me and jump the jumps for her click and equine senior.

I can't wait to do more in the future with her and we can build this communication up to helping with her training. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or Shawna she is a great person and would love to help you!

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